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Cold War
01 April 2020
  Rating 15

Poland (2018) 88 minutes
Director: Paweł Pawlikowski

Our screening of the film, Cold War, scheduled for Wednesday 1st April 2020, has been POSTPONED due to the circumstances of the spread of Coronavirus.

Our AGM, also scheduled for Wednesday 1st April 2020, has been postponed.

Cold War is a tumultuous love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments who, despite their overwhelming passion for each other, are fatefully mismatched. Set across Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris against the oppressive background of the Cold War, we follow the lives of singer Zula and pianist Wiktor for the fifteen years after their initial meeting. Endlessly drawn to each other, they are unable to co-exist but their inability to move on from one another is cyclical and stuck on a painful and exhausting loop. As Zula rises to fame they perform across Eastern Europe and realise that they must find a way to slip past the Iron Curtain. Following the success of his film Ida, director Pawlikowski shows a continued commitment to explore both the dark heart of Poland and how its twentieth century political wounds and unrest echoed through the emotional lives of its subjects.

Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Paweł Pawlikowski - Best Director Award

The last film of the 2019/2020 season will be followed by the AGM.
A warm welcome is extended to all members.